Soffit Insulation

Due to the bulky nature of these systems we always try to utilise a “just in time” delivery schedule to ensure other trades aren’t adversely affected by stored materials.

Where the soffit is on view we advise the installation of a grid system to the soffit to which the insulation is screw-fixed rather than the conventional knock-ins. This allows a degree of adjustability which will overcome any imperfections in the decking system.
Most commonly required in basements and undercroft car parks where cold bridging is a problem. The most popular solution in modern construction is to install a laminated board to the underside of the slab to provide the insulation required. Products available include mineral wool/fibre slabs and Phenolic/PIR Foams. They are all available in different finishes ranging from foil facings to decorative rigid facing boards where aesthetics are an issue.

Thermal Projects

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