Eldon Square
Shopping Centre


This inner city shopping centre extension was undertaken whilst the existing shops were operational so minimal disruption was a priority. Ordinarily the BG system is cut on site at the workface which is not only noisy, it creates a lot of dust which can be difficult to contain.


IPCL recommended an innovative approach and after long consultation the decision to have the board delivered to site pre-cut was taken. The £1m jigsaw was a challenge as the building was far from uniform but the benefits were worth the effort. All of the cutting waste was re-cycled at source and only minimal off-cuts were generated on site and these were skipped and returned to the supplier for further re-cycling.


The development was finished on time and remains our biggest environmental triumph.


Capital Shopping Centres


Leslie Jones

Main Contractor

Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd


30,000m2 BG Glasroc Firecase 2 hour encasement, fire and acoustic & air sealing: Hilti Firestop, intumescent coatings: Nullifire S707/120

Package Value